DIY of how to turn your GCode Custom Bandana into a facemask using only two rubberbands. 

The black bandana is a symbol of our roots. It is equal parts working class work ethic and anti-establishment outlaw ethos. It harkens back to the dangerous seal of the oft-imitated #GoHard brand, but still holds a special, timeless place in our heart to this day. It symbolizes hard training and hard living, keeping the sweat and dirt off the brow, and the hair out of the face of an individual hard at work. It is more than a mere handkerchief or fashion accessory–the black bandana is a state of mind. When we had the opportunity to create one of our own, emblazoned with the insignia and colors of the GCode brand, we were ecstatic, because we knew that a chosen few would pick up on the frequency, and they would truly understand. However, the remarkable and unprecedented times in which we live, and the pressing need for protective face-wear, make the prescient existence of the GCode Black Bandana an almost mystical occurrence. At a time when we are all looking for a sign, this black and orange cloth serves as a sign of the times.