Christian Coronato, is the first-ever GCode Nutrition athlete. An accomplished bodybuilder and powerlifter, he was a known entity to everyone in our extended family and beyond, since before day one. As a father, husband and classically-trained chef his complexity as a person goes beyond just what’s on the surface. 

As a brand, we seek daily to reinforce values that mean more than the superficial, that run deeper than muscle and skin. Intangible concepts like determination, decency, leadership, integrity, empathy, kindness and work ethic. That’s because beyond creating products and apparel for consumers, we are building a legacy for those who follow and living in honor of those who came before. Those are the stakes of the game we are playing, and as such, we take this enterprise very seriously. 

Right around the same time in 2017 that GCode Nutrition set sail, Christian too was preparing to take a leap. Taking his education, his passion and prowess and putting it all on the line, he launched Coronatos Clean Cuisine.  For more than three years, he and his team, including his wife Kristi and fellow GCode athlete Nick Lepore, have crafted fresh, nutritious and tasty custom meals for athletes and fitness enthusiasts throughout New Jersey. Daily they have held themselves to a higher standard, building a loyal following and a booming business.

But knowing Christian, personal success would never be enough. In his ability to continue operations during these challenging times of crisis, the sheer capacity to safely deliver healthy meals to people during quarantine alone was a tremendous service. But he didn’t stop there. 

Understanding the potential damage done to American families as a result of school closings, and the food instability of so many of our citizens, with many children dependent on school meals for their only steady source of nutrition, Christian put his values ahead of the bottom line. To date, Coronatos Clean Cuisine has gladly delivered more than 1500 meals to their fellow citizens of Ocean and Monmouth counties. 100% free. No strings attached and no questions asked. 

Such a profound gesture of generosity is a testament to Christian’s character and values. And the true definition of leading by example. As always, we are proud to have him as a part of our family since day one. And are thankful for the inspiration as we seek to shine light in the darkness. 

To fuel your training and athletic goals, or simply to provide yourself with better and more convenient nutritional options. Or even to order a free meal for yourself or someone in need, check them out here: 

Clean Meals Done Right – Coronatos Clean Cuisine