GCode Nutrition presents #TheGauntlet 

Part of our duty in creating the GCode brand, is to provide tools to empower. The supplements, the apparel, the written word, graphics, mixtapes, SquadKasts, etc. It all exists for one reason—you.  

Taking that mission statement a step further, since 2019, we have attempted to provide the blueprint. Now totaling more than four months of training programming—a bodybuilding split, full daily workouts, supplement regimens, sample diets, mind fuel, even music of the day. All for the love. All for free. What we call #TheProgram, how we usher in every new year.  

With the change of the seasons, as we move from the dark, cold, winter on the East Coast, to the verdant optimism of Spring, there is hope and possibility to be cultivated. In that spirit, we have distilled #TheProgram down into twenty consecutive 100-proof training days to help you spring forward like a compressed steel coil. We call this baptism by fire, to start life anew, #TheGauntlet.  

20 for ’21 to set the tone for your life. Twenty hard, intense, efficient, no-nonsense training sessions. Expressly intended to smack you out of your funk, freeing you from the doldrums of the mundane… Proving your mettle to the only critic who has ever mattered—yourself. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and self-actualization. #TheGauntlet awaits those brave and bold enough to throw down.

The Gauntlet is Sponsored by VICE X