The Half Hour of Power2020-09-12T15:54:29-04:00

In leading the way, we will be crafting daily, simple home workouts that you can follow along with–to help either supplement your regular training, or to, at the very least, fall into a routine you can follow and look forward to, from home.

Basic daily challenges and themed low-tech workouts, you can utilize to keep the blood flowing and to hold yourself accountable. We may be social-distancing, but we can continue to narrow the space between ourselves and our goals, and to build tighter bonds with our #GCodeFam the world over, as we all grind through it, together.

As you have already found if you’ve spent time on #TheProgram the past two years, we will provide regularly updated workouts, along with some extra “juice” to keep you focused, on point, and your head on straight. Plus more fun and informational extras, intended to further our day one commitment to “edutainment”. We will do our best to bring words and ideas to life, as well, utilizing the miraculous power of social media to engage directly with our fam.

These are the cards we were dealt. Let’s play them smart and stack some chips.