If greatness came easily, everyone would be great. And such status would be nothing special. If the brass ring was easy to attain, it would be owned by many. And coveted by few. But the truth is, the chase for greatness is a lifelong quest. One that requires the daily commitment of a lifetime. A marriage of months, years, decades, to the grind. It is unyielding. Unforgiving. Relentless. And unapologetic in its constant demand. It brings with it risk, anxiety, guilt, stress, pressure and endless effort. And THIS, is why no one chooses to be great. It asks too much, they tell themselves. The price is too high, they complain. They’re not wrong. But what then, I ask, is the alternative? Are we to tiptoe through the tulips of life and run between the raindrops? Are we to seek the secure anonymity of life’s sidelines as the race runs by? Are we to play it safe for all of our days just to die anyway?

I’ve lived in a constant state of awareness of life’s ticking clock since I was a kid. Not in fear that I would grow old and perish. These are unavoidable inevitabilities. But instead, that time would pass and what I had within me, I would not share. That I would take the many gifts with which I had been blessed, and instead of cultivating them and spreading their fruit, I would allow them to die on the vine. I feared I’d let my greatness go to waste.

One way I’ve faced that fear is to ensure each day I’m making even small investments in my dreams and in bettering myself. The steadfast faith that through consistent daily effort I could will myself to the place I desired. The rituals of the gym reinforce this belief system. I have hammered these tenets into place for more than a quarter century. Stone tablets etched with iron and sinew. What I’ve dedicated the better part of my life to, every single day, is manifesting greatness. And though greatness is a destination I may never reach, each day, I’m inching in its general direction.

The truth is that each of us are works in progress. In need of growth and improvement to varying degrees, in all aspects of our lives. But in order to make these advances, we must be dedicated and consistent. As works in progress, the progress we seek will require work. This work. This progress. This sacred process. Is at the heart of The Program.

As we’ve said many times before, at GCode, we do not mock resolutioners. We realize that to achieve anything of consequence, we must first make a decision and then be resolute in our pursuit. We must identify our goal and commit ourselves with conviction to bringing it to fruition. This is the definition of “manifestation”. And what better time to turn the page to your chapter of greatness than with the turn of the calendar year. It is in this spirit, that each January, we present The Program.

Training, tips, inspiration, education… All in the name of building a better you, on your terms. Creating new habits, hammering into place a new routine, embarking on the journey of manifesting the greatness you know lives inside. It all begins with a decision. And if you’ve made it this far, we both already know where you stand.

All things are possible with determination. Welcome to The Program 2023.