#TheProgram2023: Feeding the Machine

What follows are sample meal plans, intended to provide the insight of a basic eating structure for a 200 lb. athlete, but with two very different goals—one attempting to gain muscle mass and strength, the other looking to maintain muscle while shedding bodyfat. These are merely sample templates, needed to be altered depending on critical factors including weight and cardio training frequency and intensity, bodyweight and composition, metabolism, gender, experience, food preferences/allergies, etc.

What they do drive home is the need for consistency, for nutrient variety, and for an active athlete to steadily feed their body with quality nutrition around the clock, regardless of their individual goals. Prioritizing nourishing whole foods (*See “The Three Tiers of Fuel”) and supplementing as needed and intended–to fill the gaps. Your high-performance human machine requires optimal fuel regularly in order to perform and look its best, both today and for the long haul—feed it right.

*Aim to prioritize hydration, consuming at least a gallon of water and zero-calorie beverages throughout the day.

The G Diesel “Super Shake”

Sometimes, living life in the real world, it can be difficult to traditionally prepare and eat all of your meals with whole foods. I get it. But if I’m honest with myself, that’s no excuse. We will make time for that which is a priority and when faced with challenges, we will find a way. One life hack that has always served me well, and tends to be a go-to strategy for many of those who’ve led the way in our lifestyle for years, is to blend whole foods and supplements together and drink them. You might not have hours to prep and cook meals, but I bet you can find 60 seconds in your busy day to blend and slam a shake.

Here’s my own personal “Super Shake”. What I like is that it allows me to get literally the best clean sources of protein and carbohydrates plus antioxidant-rich fruits and essential fatty acids into a single beverage receptacle.  It is nothing revolutionary, but could serve as a template to help you craft something super of your own, a tool that removes the excuses keeping you from reaching your goals.

*Adjust based on your own personal tastes, goals and caloric requirements.

Mix the below in a blender and enjoy.