TRI Again. TRI Harder. TRIumph.
The GCode TriChamber Returns. By G Diesel

Innovation doesn’t come often in our industry. And it certainly doesn’t come easily. Doing what has never been done before takes vision and resolve. It takes commitment and follow-through. It takes grit and determination.

In developing the first-ever custom container in our industry to deliver multiple flavors of one product in a single unit, we sought to do something revolutionary. We knew it wouldn’t be easy and that it would take trial and error to get it right. The motivation to create something so novel and provocative was to put the wants and needs of our consumer family first. Because above all else, we are athletes who train daily and use supplements. We built this for you, because we wanted it for ourselves. We needed it.

Noticing a phenomenon in the marketplace, observed by some of our favorite vendors, where athletes would abandon their favorite and most personally effective formulas often downgrading their regimen, simply because they needed to taste something different. We called this common occurrence in consumer psychology “flavor fatigue”. No matter how impactful a formula might be for an athlete, human nature is to get bored.

We sought to remedy this boredom. We desired to provide excitement, options and variety. We invented the GCode TriChamber to fight flavor fatigue.

A massive, imposing, custom-crafted brand-embossed container, the TriChamber stands apart in the industry, in the subculture and on the shelf. There’s quite literally nothing else like it on Earth.

To level-up even further, we loaded it to the brim with our most intense formula. A product curated for the most serious trainers in the world… Our Extreme Preworkout, VICE XXX. Powerful pumps. Razor’s edge focus. Extra-potent clean energy. All jacked up in every hefty scoop.

And now available in three brand new, high octane, high energy flavors. A soda-inspired GCode original—Cherry Swola. The splashy and exciting, Slurpee-esque Beastin’ Blue Razz. And a completely new offering, the unique and lively Green Apple Gummy. We’re truly pumped to share these electrifying taste options with the planet, because we always put flavor first.

30 total servings, 10 of each new VICE XXX flavor. All under one bold orange lid. Intended to keep your preworkout experience exciting, keep your palate fresh from workout to workout, and to fight the bland and boring doldrums of having to do the same old, same old day after day. With the VICE XXX TriChamber that daily dull gray grind ends now.

Try a different flavor three days in a row. Use a half or one-third of a scoop of each and “flex dose” your way to a completely custom new flavor. Variety is in your life. The power is in your hands. With the VICE XXX TriChamber, we just encourage you to mix responsibly.

At GCode Nutrition, we are “in the arena” every day. Making the great efforts to build a brand worthy of your goals. This is not a responsibility we take lightly. In pursuit of never-before-seen innovation, and the manifestation of our greatest selves, it was necessary for us to try again and try harder, if ever we were to feel the glory of triumph. It is in this spirit, that we proudly present, the VICE XXX TriChamber. A singular preworkout experience, truly unlike any other.

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