The Program 2021: Determination Defined

At GCode Nutrition, we have never mocked New Year’s Resolutions. Because we are well aware, that everything great that has ever been accomplished, first began with a determined person making a decision—resolved to bring a vision to fruition. Such a commitment to change one’s life–to work to change one’s stars, is at the root of our young brand existing in the first place. Intent is a powerful transformational force. We are living proof. Works in progress, working every day to make progress.

Instead of ridiculing those with a yearly resolution, we have instead committed ourselves to empowering them. And as is always our motivation, inspiring ourselves to be better and do more in the process. With that purpose in mind, in 2019, we launched the first iteration of The Program. A full, 360 degree training system designed to help individuals start their year on point and on fire. And with a game plan that they can stick to, supported and encouraged along the way, by the various members of the GCode family—all making a similar journey right along with them.

Detailed daily workouts, inspirational words and imagery, nutrition guidelines, sample diets, supplement protocols and even music to accompany your training. A blueprint for your evolution. All for the love of this culture and lifestyle. All out of appreciation for our loyal consumer family. All for free. Much as in the martial arts, there is true honor and responsibility to be found in the opportunity to share the magic of what we’ve learned with others. It is our duty. And we are determined to do it justice.

As we gear up—researching and writing, lining up assets for #TheProgram2021 we encourage you to pour over the voluminous information, motivation and “edutainment” contained in the 2019 and 2020 versions of The Program. Try the workouts, consider new concepts. Learn and share as you prepare.

As we have expressed in the past, you are one of one. A unique individual, with your own goals and dreams. Walking your own path. Our role is to give you the fuel you need to unlock your potential and blaze your own trail… Chasing excellence, on your own terms. In a world that will seek to label and classify you, in the pages of #TheProgram we provide an alternate perspective. Here, you and you alone, and the work you’re willing to do, will determine your destiny. You DEFINE YOURSELF.

The Supplement Cheat Sheet

I remember my earliest supplement experience well. It began with the requisite GNC trip and the purchase for somewhere in the ballpark of $15 of MLO Mus-L-Blast weight gainer. It was chocolate and I blended it with milk and whole eggs and it actually tasted pretty good. I was only 16 or so and had just started lifting in my bedroom for basketball. It worked. I got bigger and stronger.

The following year included Ultimate Orange, Met-Rx white packets, Sterol Complex, Steel Bars, Super Shakes, Carbo Force and Cutting Force. Plus, a membership to the Brigantine Fitness Center. Needless to say, I was hooked for life. And set on the exact course that leads me to pen this article today.

Since our initial launch in 2017, the GCode line has been slowly growing and evolving. Adding products strategically, as they made sense. Never frivolous, each was born of necessity and utility. Each unique and original. Designed for daily use, to be depended on every single day. This is not marketing hype and commercial spin. Personally, I literally live it daily. Incorporating the GCode stack into my 6-day spit training regimen meticulously and without fail.

To illustrate, first, I’m going to break down each of our products into their simplest form with a bullet point description. Once you know what each does, then I will let you know how I use them personally and make suggestions on how they could work for you on #TheProgram2021.

VICE Our original pre-workout. Scalable to dose based on individual factors like stimulant sensitivity, bodyweight and time of day you train. Concentrated ingredients working synergistically.

VICE X High performance pre-workout. Loaded with pump and performance ingredients. More than 13+ grams of actives per scoop. Heavy duty formula designed for serious training.

RISE BCAA/EAA “recovery elixir”. Perfect for intra-workout or around-the-clock consumption. Includes crucial aminos plus hydration, endurance and immune support nutrients.

FEAST Ultra nutrient-dense protein shake. Whey isolate that includes egg whites, organic greens, oats, MCT oil, digestive enzymes, probiotics and fiber. Used ideally post-workout, as a meal replacement or between meals.

KING Encapsulated natural test booster that includes powerful herbs, vitamins and minerals, enhancing natural testosterone production. Simple, Sophisticated, Supreme!

DREAM– Encapsulated sleep support product that promotes relaxation and deep REM sleep, enhancing natural growth hormone output, hormone regulation and recovery.

LIFE Power greens, fruits, collagen, ancient spices and antioxidants. Powerful natural means of bolstering overall health and supporting immune function. Natural Greens + A Whole lot More!

G’s Program 2021 Supplement Stack

Here’s how I’m going to stack them for #TheProgram2021. And some suggestions on how you can use each to suit your goals.

5:30 AM: 3 KING capsules. This is the first thing I ingest each day, with a glass of water. KING, obviously, was designed for men, but since it is natural and drug free, there are women who have used it and responded favorably.

5:45 AM: 2 scoops VICE X. I start to sip my pre-workout during cardio and continue to do so for the next hour or so, while I lift. I alternate between X and traditional VICE. You can use one or two scoops of either—or something in between, depending on your goals and tolerances individually.

7:00 AM: 1 scoop FEAST. I blend FEAST into my post-workout shake, combining post-workout and meal one in a blender. After sleeping and training, I have been fasting for 6-7 hours and these are the first actual calories I ingest, Monday thru Saturday.

Check HERE for my personal shake recipe.

8:00 AM: 1 scoop of LIFE. Among the most important supplements I will use all day. Loaded with natural micronutrients to enhance overall health, I see it as critical armor for survival.

9:00 AM: 1 scoop RISE. I mix a scoop of RISE in 20 oz of cold water and drink it with my first whole food meal. Many folks use RISE intra-workout (while they train), which is a great strategy, but I prefer to use mine as an IV drip of recovery nutrients all day long.

2:00 PM: 1 scoop RISE. I mix a second scoop of RISE and I sip on it throughout the afternoon, facilitating a steady flow of aminos in my bloodstream. Plus, it tastes awesome and makes for a great alternative to traditional diet soft drinks.

6:00 PM: 1 scoop FEAST. I have my second scoop of FEAST mixed either in milk, water or egg whites. I see this as a quick, convenient clean meal.

11:00 PM: 4 DREAM capsules, 3 KING capsules, 1 scoop LIFE. I take these together every night before bed. I see them as a magical mixture to optimize the body’s primary period of regeneration and restoration—sleep. My aim is to heighten recovery for the next 6 hours, priming myself to rise in the morning and do it all again.

That’s my stack. One that I consider an essential part of my life. It isn’t, of course, always practical, reasonable or necessary to have all of that daily for everyone, but to continue training and progressing daily, it is a regimen I have come to rely on, one that I will be utilizing daily during The Program and beyond. Choose what you need most and build your protocol around those specific products, obviously always building upon a foundation of proper, balanced whole food nutrition.

That budget weight gainer from the Shore Mall, paired with my internal drive to improve, set me on the road toward my destiny more than 25 years ago. Hopefully The Program 2021 and the GCode Nutrition line of supplements–mixed with your own hard work and determination, can help shape your future and change your life as well.