At GCode Nutrition, among our primary objectives is to provide tools to empower. The structure and suggestions of The Program are created in that same spirit. Helping us to urge and encourage you on the path to your goals. Our supplements are created with the same mission in mind. No pill or powder will ever take the place of wholesome food or hard training, but the right ones can play an integral role in filling the gaps in your diet and fueling the tank in your high-performance human machine. Below are two basic templates for supplementing your daily whole-food nutrition with GCode products. One if your goal is to gain muscle, the second if you want to lean out.

The Program 2022: Supp Program, Bulking

  • AM: 3 KING or QUEEN capsules, 4 EDGE capsules
  • Preworkout: 1 scoop VICE, VICE X or VICE XXX
  • Intra: 1 scoop RISE
  • Immediately Postworkout: 1-2 scoops JUICE
  • 1 Hour Postworkout: 1-2 scoops FUEL mixed in water or milk
  • Afternoon: 1 scoop LIFE
  • Before Bed: 4 DREAM capsules, 3 KING or QUEEN capsules, 4 EDGE capsules

The Program 2022: Supp Program, Cutting

  • Early AM: 4 FIRE capsules (before fasted cardio)
  • AM: 3 KING or QUEEN capsules, 4 EDGE capsules
  • Preworkout: 1 scoop VICE, VICE X or VICE XXX
  • Intra: 1-2 scoops RISE
  • Postworkout: 1-2 scoops FUEL mixed in water
  • Afternoon: 1 scoop LIFE
  • Before Bed: 4 DREAM capsules, 3 KING or QUEEN capsules, 4 EDGE capsules

LIFE Power greens, fruits, collagen, ancient spices and antioxidants. Powerful natural means of bolstering overall health and supporting immune function. Natural Greens + A Whole lot More!

VICE Our original pre-workout. Scalable to dose based on individual factors like stimulant sensitivity, bodyweight and time of day you train. Concentrated ingredients working synergistically.

VICE-X Cherry Swola

VICE X High performance pre-workout. Loaded with pump and performance ingredients. More than 13+ grams of actives per scoop. Heavy duty formula designed for serious training.

VICE-XXX Extreme Pre-Workout

VICE XXX More pumps. More focus. More power. High performance on a higher plane. A high-stim preworkout formula designed for everyday use. Not to be “cracked out” but locked in. Not to be “on edge” but to push to the precipice of greatness. That’s VICE XXX.

RISE BCAA/EAA “recovery elixir”. Perfect for intra-workout or around-the-clock consumption. Includes crucial aminos plus hydration, endurance and immune support nutrients.

GCode JUICE: Post/Intra Recovery

JUICE Carb/Amino Product designed to replenish depleted glycogen and flood your muscles with critical nutrients at the precise moment they’re at their most damaged and broken down, triggering the anabolic process, ensuring maximal recovery and new growth.

FEAST Ultra nutrient-dense protein shake. Whey isolate that includes egg whites, organic greens, oats, MCT oil, digestive enzymes, probiotics and fiber. Used ideally post-workout, as a meal replacement or between meals.

FUEL The premiere bioavailable, amino-rich protein on the planet, Premium Whey Isolate. 25 grams of pure Provon 292 Whey Protein Isolate per scoop, Lactose- Free, Low-Fat and Enhanced with patented DigeZyme digestive enzymes for maximum absorption and assimilation.

KING Encapsulated natural test booster that includes powerful herbs, vitamins and minerals, enhancing natural testosterone production. Simple, Sophisticated, Supreme!

QUEEN Addressing specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies, balancing hormones, boosting metabolism, enhancing mood, bolstering immunity and rejuvenating hair, skin and nails—QUEEN checks every performance and wellness box on the broad spectrum between fierce form and function.

FIRE Want lipolysis, thermogenesis, boosted metabolism, razor sharp focus, elevated cognitive function and enhanced mood, sustained energy and endurance, but without feeling “wired”? Want to stack your fat burner with your preworkout to improve your training and your results? Look no further than FIRE.

DREAM– Encapsulated sleep support product that promotes relaxation and deep REM sleep, enhancing natural growth hormone output, hormone regulation and recovery.