• Arm supersets on #MondayGunDay alternate back and forth between opposing muscle groups with no rest for biceps and triceps. 

  • The shoulder Giant Set should involve a single set of manageable dumbbells allowing you to go directly from bent rear delt raises to side raises to front raises non-stop. 

  • The plate variations on shoulder day allow for a change in stimulus, using hand-held plates in the same manner one would a dumbbell. 

  • Deadlifts again this week. Manage the weight to allow fully working the entire posterior chain, without blowing out your back with squats on deck tomorrow. 

  • Wall sits are up to 60 seconds this week, to fully cook the quads.

  • Focus on the slow controlled descent on your squat while going deep. A full range of motion to rock bottom will ensure full development. Focus on squeezing your quads and glutes at the top. 

  • The floor press on #BigFriday will work your chest and triceps in a unique way. A highly effective and overlooked movement. Add it to your arsenal. 

  • The Bodyweight Calf Raise on the step can be among the most effective methods of burning out the calves through a full and exaggerated range of motion from stretch to contraction. 90 reps will leave a mark. 

  • What’s 10 more sets of squats on a Sunday among friends? Conditioning yourself to handling more volume and frequency will help you grow more when you build in extra rest days. Get used to pushing yourself and doing more.