In 2017, at our brand’s humble but ambitious inception, VICE was created not as a mere nutritional supplement. But as a life necessity. A mission statement about our brand in powdered form. The goal was simple—make a reliable and highly effective preworkout product that was also as clean and healthy as possible. One that could be counted upon, tweaked and modified, for daily use by hard-training athletes of every discipline. Not only to power them through their workouts, but through their lives.

As VICE evolved from the TriPack to the revolutionary TriChamber, fifteen serving classics and new school flavors and two new limited edition thirty serving offerings most recently, our growing GCode family embraced it with open arms. Finding their favorite flavors and combinations, tweaking their dosage to suit their very individual needs, goals, tolerances and circumstances. Our first product, it has been a triumph and one that helped set us apart.

Part of the DNA of the brand, however, is an aversion to complacency. To “never settle” is what we do. So once we created what we felt was the “perfect” preworkout, on our terms, we set our sights on a different objective. The most powerful preworkout in the game, one that could stand its ground in the Wild West of the supplement industry, but a product that still lives up to our code.

The goal was not crazy or “cracked out”. Not hyper or hyped up. But a high-octane, professional-grade performance formula. One that in a single scoop provided more actives and action than the competition could in two. One that still allowed for scaled dosing for the more bold or brave. One with exotic, edgy flavors. One that was so good, so powerful, it would become undeniable. Like the brand that has created it, and the consumers that patronize it so passionately, that undeniable status is always the goal.

The foundational core would be that of VICE. Milligram for milligram, all the trusted power of the OG Ambitious Preworkout you’ve grown to know and love. Dependable. Proven. Reliable. Rock solid. But that’s just the first layer. The bedrock upon which we’d build something epic.

Each scoop would provide more than 13 grams of actives. More than 11 grams in the form of blood flow and ergogenic aids. Three times the Citrulline Malate of its predecessor. 2 full grams of patented HydroPrime Glycerol Monostearate. A gram of patented AgmaMax Agmatine Sulfate. 1.6 grams of Beta Alanine. All that, plus a gram each of Arginine AKG, Creatine Monohydrate, Taurine. And the natural, proven pump-inducing magic of beet root and sea salt. A truckload full of the heavy hitter ingredients that do the muscle-building work to support your most serious sessions.

On top of the B vitamins native to the original VICE formula—robust doses of Vitamins B!2, Niacin (B3) and B6, the “Razor’s Edge” is found in the energy and focus complex. Caffeine bumped up to 250mg per scoop. The additions of Rhodiola Rosea, a feel-good adaptogen linked to mental and physical performance and its ability to combat stress and depression. Theobromine, an extracted component of dark chocolate is used to produce energy and complement caffeine without further stimulating the central nervous system. These are layered on top of VICE staples—tyrosine and choline for focus and the polyphenol natural wonders of green tea and green coffee bean extracts. That’s more than 1.25 grams of energy, focus and vitamin micronutrients intended to give you the mental edge you need.

All that together, makes for a massive, monster preworkout. One that places your performance and health on equal footing. One made for those hungry to take their game to the next level. Those who need that little something extra, that “x factor”, that unknown advantage that can help them dominate the competition. It is for those rare few that we created VICE X.

If that sounds like you, and VICE brought you in the door three plus years ago, this moment is dedicated to you, for we have climbed this mountain together. If VICE X brought you here today, welcome to the family. We are embarking on a new era, exploring an unchartered territory, introducing a variable to your training, and your life, a great unknown we call X. A treasure waiting to be unearthed and cherished, the map to your dreams you yourself chart each day, and X marks the spot.