When GCode Nutrition developed LIFE, our Natural Power Greens product, we did so with the understanding that robust wellness and maximum performance are inextricably linked. That your training, diet and supplementation are not only matters of importance in the present moment, but investments that will pay dividends for your entire life. With the goal of prosperous longevity and thriving for the long haul in mind, a trusted friend shared the story of Vinny Mallia, an 87 year old who has seemed to discover the fountain of youth in Florida. And who also supplements with GCode LIFE every day. We were compelled to commission a sit-down with Vinny to get his insight—as an athlete, a father, a grandfather and an entrepreneur… On how your mindset and daily approach will define you, setting you up to dominate the day through positivity and perseverance. Talking shop with Vinny begs the question, what are each of us doing daily to find our own fountain of youth?


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