• “Running the Rack” is essentially a seemingly never-ending drop set. Start with a challenging weight where 6 reps isn’t easy and work your way down.

  • For the DB Kickbacks, simply concentrate on flexing the muscle against resistance. Keep the weight low and reasonable where the contraction of the muscle is your primary concern.

  • Behind-The-Neck Press is highly effective but gets a bad rap. Your range of motion should technically only be “behind the head”. Consider wearing a hat backward and tapping the brim at the bottom. Keep the weight manageable with good form.

  • For pull-ups take as many sets as necessary to hit 30 reps with good form. Might be 15 sets, might be 3, but emphasize full range of motion. No half reps.

  • This is your third time squatting in 8 days. Pay close attention to your form. We want these to be under control and “ass in the grass”. Full range of motion and proper execution translate to full development.

  • On chest day, we are pre-exhausting with dumbbell flyes. Use this technique to engage the target muscle before your heavy compound work.

  • For the Unilateral DB SLDL balance yourself with your off hand and concentrate on the stretch. Think of touching your toes against resistance and lifting yourself back to a straight position using the hams and flutes instead of your lower back.

  • This is your first off day in a 14 day block. If you’ve completed all 13 days of The Program, you have most-certainly earned it. Congrats and much respect. Eat some extra calories and rest to the best of your ability today. That Monday workout comes fast.