• Basic work for #MondayGunDay, focus on slow negatives and hard contractions on each rep to truly reinforce the mind-muscle connection. 

  • Dumbbell upright rows blast the whole shoulder complex. Use weight you can control through the entire range of motion. 

  • For underhand grip barbell rows, use manageable weight and focus on feeling the entire back do the work. Your biceps are in a vulnerable position, so maintain strict form. 

  • After a basic leg day blast, your wall sits are extended to 65 seconds. Sit deep, emphasize the quad stretch and feel the burn. 

  • Switching up #BigFriday with another week of floor presses but adding in the incline pullover (focus on stretching and squeezing your chest, not your last) as well as finishing with sets to failure on parallel bar dips for the Bodyweight Bonus. 

  • Lots of burnouts on Saturday. 50 rep crunches, 65 second planks, 95 reps of bodyweight calf raises. Push through the pain. 

  • Enjoy the rest and recovery for Super Bowl Sunday. You’ve earned it.