The Aura by G Diesel

“Good energy” or “good juice” as we call it, is very real. It is a vibe, an atmosphere that one can easily feel. It is kinetic, feeding itself, as well as all who it encounters.

I prize this intangible force, for the role it plays in my daily life. In pursuits both ambitious and creative… In undertakings both daunting and demanding, it is priceless.

I also know that “good juice” isn’t simply produced out of nowhere, but we must generate it ourselves. We must foster it in our home, in our work environment, in the places we pursue our dreams. It doesn’t just happen to you, you make it happen.  And like all the greatest creations, it originates from within.

My training is critical to generating good energy. Time spent in positive self-investment is crucial in fostering feelings of strength and well-being. Not only in how I look and in my capacity to do physical work, but in my sense of confidence and self-esteem. It feels good to have the discipline to come back to my discipline day after day. Knowing that I make efforts regularly that others are not willing, or inclined, to make is empowering.

In this same way, I revert back to old world wisdom and the age-old axiom that your grandma once imparted with love: “you are what you eat.”

Health flows forth from the internal. Ensuring your diet places an emphasis on overall systemic wellness, immune strength and muscle-building is critical. Fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, complex carbohydrate fuel, healthy fats… Staying properly hydrated. Your whole food nutrition is the foundation of your very being.

Beyond this, your supplements play a role. Fighting free radicals and inflammation. Bolstering your body with copious amounts of antioxidants, micronutrients and amino acids daily ensures that you’re in an anabolic or muscle-building state, recovering from the stresses not only of rigorous training, but of everyday life in the real world. Remember the etymology. “Disease” literally means the lack of ease—a body under chronic strain. The nutrients we ingest are the accessible daily medicine capable of remedying what ails us, actively working to turn illness to ease.

This war against disease applies not only to your intake of healing food and supplements, but your intellectual diet. Myriad studies delineate the connection between our mental and physical health–the body following the dictates of the brain. We know well, junk food programming is everywhere. Reality TV and blockbuster film and popular music and social media often have very little “nutrient density” to continue the metaphor. I’m not a machine nor am I trying to be an art snob, however, I will say this… Your time is valuable and you can’t get it back, so spend it wisely. Try to prioritize “entertainment” that inspires or stimulates your mind as the bulk of the content you consume. I refer to my “filter” often, meaning that I try to avoid muddying my mindset or viewpoint or creative process with empty nonsense. But my gripe isn’t just with video games and trash TV, your conversations with peers and family can take a toll.

Negative people are highly damaging. And no matter who they are or what your history might be together, you can only abide so much shade in your light. For an ambitious person, focus and optimism are precious assets. So folks who drag you down need to be limited, if not excised. The amount of radicalized conspiracy nuts and bad news bearers and toxic hate-spewers, as well as fair-weather friends, flakes and fakes, naturally downsized my circle in the past couple of years. And that’s OK. That’s the way it needs to be for all of us. Sort of an evolution. It’s not that I don’t love them, but I love myself too much to knowingly allow myself to be poisoned. I have too many who need me to be clear-headed and positive in order to lead. Those I regularly allow in my boat are there to buoy my soul, not sink it.

In this same fashion, so many of my most important dialogues are internal… Running conversations that I’m constantly, quite literally having with myself. It is so easy to let your imagination run wild and to sour your mood by mismanaging anxiety and contemplating the worst scenarios. Early Monday mornings can be rough in that way. You can ruin your day simply by not being disciplined in your thinking. A long-standing mantra of mine is to “think strong thoughts”. Orienting my mentality in a manner that is productive and focused on generating desired outcomes… Dismissing doubt and the compounding stress of a disordered mind not intent on victory. I refuse to let that be me. And to instead be grateful for my many blessings, channeling these energies into tackling the challenges and opportunities inherent to each new day.

Some of the more spiritual among us refer to the energy or juice that I speak of as an “aura”. Defined as the emanating atmosphere that surrounds a person, one that can be felt so acutely, it is claimed it can actually be seen. And though I know that might sound like some magical mumbo-jumbo, we both know it is very real. The people you want to be around, those you gravitate toward, those who make you feel good about yourself and life in general, who project strength and love and assuredness when they enter a room… The presence of their very bold aura is undeniable. Authentic and true. Seek to be like them.

An old quote of mine goes something like this, “it can be a cold and unforgiving world, your best method of survival is to turn yourself into a tank.” I’d joke that I’d recently navigate the external pandemic landscape so loaded up on supraphysiological quantities of antioxidants that I’d literally glow. But the truth is, I’ve been crafting and curating my “force field” since I was a kid, because I not only wanted to be seen and heard, I wanted people to “feel” me. And to proactively protect myself from that which might derail my plans and get me off my path. Sure, I believe in mysticism, and many forces beyond the physical realm. In God and guardian angels, in karma and kismet. But I know that a person’s aura, their innate vibe, originates from within, rooted in a core belief that they matter and are powerful… In a decision to change the world around them for the better, just by being themselves.