• Barbell 21s include 7 partial reps from the bottom to the middle, 7 partial reps from the top to the middle and 7 full reps from top to bottom, totaling 21 reps.

  • Arnold Presses were developed by 7x Mr Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger, a twisting dumbbell press that rotates from dumbbells facing the chest at the bottom to full extension overhead. 

  • Barbell Rows and Deadlifts are included back to back on #WideWednesday, so once again manage the load, using heavy enough weights to challenge yourself with good form, but knowing that leg day and many squats are to follow. 

  • Squats to Bulgarian Split Squats to Wall sits are the perfect combination of compound power movement to stretch and contraction to static hold. Minimize rest time and make it burn.

  • Named after the legend Coach Stan Lisowski, the “Coach Stan Push-up” is a performed with a 3 second pause at the bottom in the fully stretched position, followed by an explosive push. These are perhaps the most intense push-ups in existence. Take them to failure, but aim for at least 10 reps per set. 

  • 75 second planks and 100 reps of bodyweight calf raises will make “sweating the details” non-negotiable.

  • 10 sets of squats for #SundayService is no big deal at this point, it is just what you do. The extra mile few are willing to go, you just call that Sunday morning.