• Incline curls can be very effective for stimulating new growth because of the extreme stretch. Lower the weight slowly and under control to keep it safe and to ensure the biceps are moving the weight and not the shoulders.

  • Side laterals come last and are done unilaterally (one arm at a time) on Tuesday. Hammer them hard and focus on feeling your side delt move the weight.

  • Deadlifts are left for last on #WideWednesday. Lift the weight through the full range of motion in a deliberate manner. Do not slam or bounce the weight at the bottom. Remain in control the entire movement and feel each muscle in the posterior chain working.

  • Just like week 1, the last two movements of leg day will set the quads on fire. Move through those last two exercises quickly in order to maximize the burn.

  • On #BigFriday parallel bar dips can be like a squat for the entire upper body. Do them through a full range of motion, emphasizing the stretch on the bottom and the squeeze on the top.

  • For the unilateral stiff-legged deadlift, imagine touching your toe one rep at a time holding the dumbbell. Balance with your off hand and focus on the stretch.

  • Adding reps and time to each set of abs from week to week, improving conditioning and the mind/muscle connection with your midsection.

  • Another week of #SundayService with the king of all exercises. Feel free to change the style of squats, the amount of reps, the tempo of each rep, etc. Get in there, get it done right, get out and rest. Monday morning comes quick and The Program rolls on.