• Week 3 is dedicated to supersets–combining related exercises to raise the intensity and efficiency of your workouts and stimulate the targeted muscle group, minimizing downtime.

  • Cardio is gradually increasing, now hitting 30 minutes per day.

  • Arm day alternates between biceps and triceps exercise pairings, allowing work on the antagonist or opposite muscle group while the other rests, and vice versa. 

  • Supersets for shoulders also employ the pre-exhaust technique which places the isolation movements like lateral raises first, saving the presses for the end. 

  • Back day emphasizes the difference in stimulus that comes simply from changing your hand placement. Subtle changes like how you grip the bar can keep training from getting stale. 

  • Increasing the duration of the wall sits as the ultimate no frills finisher for leg day. Hang tough. 

  • Big Friday chest includes straight sets of the meat and potatoes movement—flat bench press, in between two supersets… Allowing you to pre-exhaust and burn out the muscle around the primary compound movement. 

  • Increasing the duration for planks on Saturday, moving ever-closer to minute-long sets. 

  • Congratulations. You’ve earned your first day off on #TheProgram2023 You’ve survived and thrived. Take the day to rest, recover, eat and recharge for Week 4. But get in some sort of outdoor active recovery cardio to get the blood flowing.