1. Lead by example. Your life is proof of concept of all that you value and represent. Make them believe.

  2. Think strong thoughts. Your mind is capable of both building & destroying your reality. Be your own ally.

  3. Your life is important. Your time is valuable. Your dream matters. Stop taking things so casually.

  4. Be not too cynical, rational or jaded. Life is beautiful. And worthy of childlike awe and wonder.

  5. Defend & cherish the all-powerful mothers and daughters of our planet. Strong women make the world go around.

  6. You are not a robot. Feel strongly. Channel your powerful emotions to transform yourself and your life for the better.

  7. It is OK to care about important things. Sit on the fence your whole life and you will be powerless. Stand for something.

  8. Have empathy, knowing we are all only a couple bad breaks from oblivion. There, but for the grace of God, go I

  9. On your worst day there are people who would literally kill to have your life for five minutes. Count your blessings.

  10. Seek endless improvement and chase impossible dreams. Resist the urge to ever settle for “good enough”.

  11. Make small daily investments in your dream. What seems insignificant at first adds up to something massive over time.

  12. The world will provide many critics & plentiful opposition. Don’t help their cause. Instead, be your own biggest fan.

  13. Be skeptical of anyone who reads ancient books and old documents literally.

  14. Reject any ideology that advocates violence & intolerance. The agenda of flawed men is not the word of God, just dudes.

  15. The world can be a cold, mean place. Be a source of encouragement and empowerment to those who need a kind word.

  16. Protect your optimism & idealism. Believe in yourself defiantly. Don’t let the “realists” steal your hope

  17. Spend not your time in the criticism of others. Instead, use that energy to build yourself up.

  18. The celebrities & athletes you idolize are simply dudes, just like you. If they can make their dreams real, so can you.

  19. Don’t join groups and gangs or teams and tribes. Start your own. Follow your heart not the commands of the next man.

  20. If you’re not growing–physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, you are dying.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                RISE Relentless Aminos

  21. Keep your tastes, ideas and attitudes fresh. Remain open-minded. There are 18-year-olds who are old and irrelevant.

  22. Silence in the face of evil infers your co-sign. Do not abide prejudice, bullying or intolerance. Stand up. Speak up.

  23. Being a parent is the greatest gift & responsibility. Do not burden your children w/ old thoughts & limited viewpoints.

  24. Keep pushing toward your goals on the horizon. But remain present. Live for today, because tomorrow is never promised.

  25. Be humble. But not to the point that you spend your whole life on your knees. An ambitious life is hard enough

  26. Be thankful that anyone gives a fuck about what you think or do. You’re not Elvis or Michael Jordan. You don’t have “fans”

  27. Never try to control your supporters. True love will never endure selfish manipulation.

  28. Remember everyone who had your back along the way. Sincere support is a priceless commodity for the ambitious person.

  29. Beware of fundamentalists–misguided patriots & zealots who pervert righteousness to suit their own ignorance and bias.

  30. Steer clear of the tough guys & loud talkers. Spoiler alert: when the shit hits the fan, they will be the first to run.

  31. Source inspiration every chance you get. Seek out fuel for your process. Stay inspired.

  32. Show respect for your elders. Cherish them. Learn from those who laid the foundation. One day you will want the same.

  33. Just as you are what you eat in terms of food, you are the art you consume. Protect your cipher. Guard your mind.

  34. Be good to your fellow man. Empathy and understanding are among man’s greatest virtues.

  35. Don’t talk about your dreams. Execute. And let everyone else talk. Soda with no lid goes flat.

  36. Make power moves in silence. To brag & boast is to undermine the consequence of your ambitions.

  37. Take the high road. Slander & gossip are the matters of powerless bystanders.

  38. Money you can make back. Time is truly the most valuable currency. Spend it wisely.

  39. Life is fragile & fleeting. Take nothing & no one for granted.