Introducing GCode Nutrition’s Relentless BCAA Recovery Elixir

The nature of GCode Nutrition is unconventional. Born of dogged determination and defiant diligence, we willed our brand into fruition.  We set out to deliver both style and substance to our consumers, to be an ally to the hustlers and hard workers of the world. To aspire to be better and do more, chasing an uncommon dream, and in the process to inspire our supporters to do the same.

When it came to our supplements, VICE was our first offering. Three soda-inspired flavors with every purchase, a transparent and clean formula, powerful without containing anything shady, dosing you could tailor to your individual needs and tolerances… Specifically designed to enhance the focus, feeling and productivity of training. Training fuel for the wee hours of the AM and PM, or to fight the midday crash, VICE was intended to power the process of those in pursuit of excellence on their own terms.

Many observed that it was unique to launch our brand with just one product. But there was a key motivation behind this strategy—focus. Instead of rushing to release a half-ass mishmash of faceless, redundant formulas, slap a label on them and pray something would stick, we instead opted to take our time. To be deliberate and calculating. To take care in crafting each product to live up to the standards and ideals we held dear when imagining what GCode Nutrition would eventually come to represent. Each product, as we saw it, would serve a very specific purpose, would have its own “personality” and would stand out from the crowd in a very obvious manner. And most importantly, each would grow forth from the necessity born of real-world life experience.

Not all real-worlds are the same, and hence we all bring different experiences to the table. An ambitious life carries with it much baggage… Both physical and mental stress, lack of sleep. Over-training, under-eating and never-resting. Early mornings and late nights. Powering through the rigorous illness onslaught of flu season, not missing a beat, no matter how under the weather. It takes a special individual to live to a higher standard and live up to his responsibilities daily. We recognize what a triumph it often is to survive and to keep pushing forward day after day.

When it came to formulating RISE, we made it for those who weren’t just fighting to recover from the pounding of the weights, but to endure the grinder of the daily grind without being run into the ground. The intent was to draw upon more than twenty years hitting it hard in the gym, and hustling hard in life, to create a product that would be more than an ordinary amino acid product… But instead a supplement that could help facilitate recovery in multiple ways. Not just three BCAAs in a bucket with some flavoring. But, what we’ve come to term a “recovery elixir”.

With every scoop of RISE, you get a souped-up base of seven grams amino acids and performance-enhancing nutrients. Four grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) in a 4:1:1 ratio, loaded with leucine—considered to be perhaps the most important of all the amino acids when it comes to the process of muscle-building. That four grams of BCAA is built upon with 500mg of AGMAMAX Agmatine- A substance produced by the amino acid arginine. Research shows it benefits heart, muscle, and brain health, and facilitates the production of nitric oxide for healthy circulation.. Betaine is next, which is naturally derived from vegetables and can aid in protecting against cellular stress while boosting strength and muscular endurance. Finally, every scoop of RISE is fortified with one gram of Glutamine. The most abundant amino acid in human muscle, glutamine aids in muscular recovery, immune function and gut health.

Also packed into every juiced-to-the-gills scoop of RISE is a Hyper Hydration Complex that renders obsolete your typical sports drink. Led by a gram of Coconut Water Powder plus Purified Sea Salt and Potassium, RISE helps you recover from set to set, helping to keep your muscle hydrated and ready to perform at peak output. With RISE, your BCAA product has now also taken the place of your sugary commercial sports drink but without the extra cost and undesirable ingredients. Whenever you need to perform your best, RISE can be depended upon to power the machine.

Finally, RISE includes time-tested immune bolstering vitamins. Every scoop contains 300mg of Vitamin C and 12 mcg of Vitamin D designed to make you resistant to the constant assault of germs and illness, assailants to whom we are especially vulnerable during the colder months, when traveling, when training most intensely or when chronically lacking in sleep. We will never grow and recover to our greatest capacity when our immune system is weak. In this way the vital vitamins in each serving of RISE serve to help make us stronger from within, and more resistant to life’s unforgiving elements.

Taking these various intents—muscle recovery, anabolism, hydration, endurance, immune health, and creating a product effectively addressing all of them, combining them into a single mouth-watering orange cream soda-inspired flavor we’ve branded as Code Orange, might seem too good to be real. But it is more of a dream come true, if you will… A dream more than two decades in the making. A dream fought for and sacrificed for and believed in through hard times. A dream, we now share with you, as a tool to help you chase a dream of your own. Through thick and thin, no matter what life piles on. When you feel the weight of the world is bearing down on your shoulders, there is only one thing to do… RISE.