There once was a brave and noble warrior. For years, he traveled abroad, defending the way of life of the people he so loved. Weary from the constant onslaught and weathered from a decade of battle, he was overcome with joy when peace was finally won. At last, he could go home.

 In the darkest days of war, his spirit was buoyed by a singular vision. Home. Where his family eagerly awaited his eventual return. This was where he could finally rest. Where all of his joy resided. All those he loved. All that he cared for in this world.  

After an arduous journey home of weeks, hiking in inclement weather, on rugged terrain, he finally arrived at the summit that overlooked his beloved home city. As he approached the zenith of the hill and cast his eyes down on the destination of his dreams, his heart sank. 

Years of turmoil and the threat of invading tribes had left the warrior’s townspeople in a state of constant fear. In their despair, they remedied their insecurity and vulnerability to the will of their enemies, the only way they could. Around the city, they built a massive wall. Fifty feet high and five feet thick. Made of brick, mortar and crude stone, it was impenetrable. Walled in, they would know safety. But there was no way in, and no way out. Standing at the foot of this massive barrier, the warrior placed his hand upon the wall, feeling how solid and substantial it was… How tiny he was in the face of this edifice.  

In this seemingly helpless moment, the warrior made a decision. There were no doors or entryways, and the steep grade of the wall made it impossible to scale. With five feet of rock between him and all that he loved in the world, he realized that he had only one choice—he would go through it.  

Methodically, one determined blow at a time, the warrior chipped away. With his hammer, until it broke. With his pick axe, until it shattered. With every crude stone and stick nearby that he could find. With his bare hands, until they bruised and bled. He banged away at the wall. Morning and night. Day after day. Punch after punch. For years. The wall stood strong. Defiant to the mighty will of the warrior.  

Until finally, one day, the great warrior could no longer summon the strength to raise his arm with intent yet again. It was an especially beautiful day. The sun shined down upon this gallant man. The birds sang a beautiful melody in the green trees. Exhausted, the mighty warrior took in his surroundings and sat down, his back against the foundation of the giant wall. In the warm glow of a June afternoon in the countryside where he once played care-free as a child, the warrior decided this would not be such a bad place to die. At peace with his efforts, though his hunger for home would never be fed, the warrior’s spirit passed on to the other side.  

It was in this moment, that a butterfly floated above the great warrior’s mortal remains, just over his head. Fluttering through the boldest blue Spring sky, the butterfly gingerly landed its delicate wings on the wall. Immediately, a great fissure ran rapidly up the face of the wall, cracking it in half, dust and cinder raining down from the skies as massive boulders crumbled into pebbles, pouring down in piles. In the blink of an eye, the wall was no more. The townspeople were now free to come and go, climbing over the knee-high mounds of sand and stone, that now entombed their hero.