#ThePROGRAM: Week 2


Momentum is everything. It is one of the organizing principles of my life. Push forward every day with intent and enthusiasm. And what begins as gradual, slow, almost imperceptible progress, over time, gains speed. Moving every day, every positive action, every investment in a vision, ever closer to your dream. Piling up good day on top of good day, until you have built something of crushing heft and staggering proportions. As you hit week 2 of #TheProgram, you are gathering momentum, with a week of hard training under your belt, you’re one week well spent closer to your ideal. Let’s keep those wheels turning every day and keep the momentum building… Hitting 2019 like a freight train. 


“Starting week 2 of #TheProgram with more meat and potatoes simplicity. Twelve sets of the basics for thickness, width and lower back work. Blast em and don’t fuck around between sets and you will be rocked in 45 minutes or less.” -G  

Supps: 2 scoops Grindin’ Grape Crush VICE preworkout

               1 scoop Code Orange RISE intraworkout

  • Underhand Grip Barbell Rows: 3 sets x 12-6 reps
  • One Arm DB Rows: 2 sets x 12 reps
  • Wide Grip Pull-Ups: 5 sets of BW to failure
  • Hperextensions: 2 sets of BW x 12 reps

Cardio: 30 min incline treadmill / stationary bike or outdoor alternative

“Two wicked delt sessions last week, so this one will be brief and basic with pre-exhaustion in the form of DB Side Lateral Raises. Remember to warm your shoulders up ahead of time—an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure.” -G 

Supps: 2 scoops Bangin’ Black Cherry VICE preworkout

  1 scoop Invincible Iced Tea RISE intraworkout

  • DB Side Lateral Raises: 3 sets x 12-6 reps
  • Seated DB Presses: 3 sets x 15-8 reps
  • Superset: DB Rear Delt Lateral Raises w/ DB Upright Rows, 3 sets x 15 reps each 
  • Barbell Shrugs: 3 sets x 10 reps 

Cardio: 30 min incline treadmill / stationary bike or outdoor alternative

“Adding some intensity techniques to blast arms quickly and efficiently. This is the first of two guns sessions this week. The pump should be painful if you’re locked in and doing the work properly. The 21 is an old school technique that combines 7 reps of top to middle range, 7 reps of bottom to middle range and 7 complete reps to fatigue your arms like none other. We will also alternate between biceps and triceps movements like the legends did back in the day.” -G   

Supps: 2 scoops Cherry Swola VICE preworkout

  1 scoop Code Orange RISE intraworkout

  • EZ Bar Curl “21s”: 3 sets x 7/7/7 reps
  • Overhead EZ Bar Curl Extensions: 3 sets x 10 reps 
  • Hammer DB Curls: 3 sets x 15-10 reps 
  • Superset: DB Skullcrushers w/ DB Close Grips, 3 sets each x 15-10 reps 
  • DB Wrist Curls: 3 sets x 15-10 reps 

Cardio: 30 min incline treadmill / stationary bike or outdoor alternative

“Pre-exhaustion again on the menu this week. Going to employ ‘backwards training’, saving squats for last once everything is already thoroughly fatigued. In such situations, the compound multi-joint power movements require much less weight to leave a mark.” -G 

Supps: 2 scoops Legend Lime VICE preworkout

  1 scoop Invincible Iced Tea RISE intraworkout

  • Leg Extensions: 4 sets x 25-10 reps 
  • Leg Curls: 3 sets x 15-10 reps
  • Stiff-Legged Deadlifts: 2 sets x 12 reps  
  • Calf Raises: 4 sets x 25 reps
  • Barbell Squats: 5 sets x 12-6 reps 

Cardio: None 

“Day twelve of #TheProgram is a chest workout straight from an expert in the field—father, husband, entrepreneur, business professional, and top amateur bodybuilder, Josh Halladay. A dude who does many workouts in his home basement gym on a tight schedule, this workout prioritizes simplicity and the pump using basic exercise combinations.” -G 

Supps: 2 scoops Pina Colada Crush VICE preworkout

  1 scoop Invincible Iced Tea RISE intraworkout

  • Flat Dumbbell Bench Press: 4 sets x 12-8 reps 
  • Incline Barbell Press: 4 sets x 12-8 reps
  • Pec Deck: 3 sets x 15 reps 
  • Superset: Cable Crossovers x 12 reps w/ Pushups to Failure 

Cardio: 30 minutes incline treadmill or outdoor alternative


“Second workout this week provided by one of our athletes and one of the leaders of GCode Nation, Ant Serafin. A father, husband, New Jersey State Trooper and an absolute monster in the gym, Anthony sets the bar high for intensity and dedication. A machine impersonating a man, I’ve laughed in the past that you need a belt and wrist wraps to train biceps with Ant… It’s that real.” -G 

Words straight from “Branch” Serafin… “I like to superset arms to get a greater pump going.  Yeah it’s great to be able to curl 80 pound dumbbells or skull crush 185 for reps. However, I have found over the years that supersetting arms gives me a greater pump and better development. I like to start with triceps. I was always taught ‘you have to tri it before you bi it.’ 


First, hit a few warmup sets to get the joints warmed up. I aim to do two movements that are near one another to keep the rest periods short.  No reason to do pushdowns on one end of the gym and then walk to another end to do curls.  I like to finish every superset with 20 reps for both movements.  Drive the blood in there.  Don’t let your form go to shit though.  Make then burn and make them grow.” 


Supps: 1 scoop Legend Lime VICE w/ 1 scoop Lemon Italian Vice VICE preworkout

1 scoop Code Orange RISE mixed in 30oz. Orange Vanilla Polar Seltzer    intraworkout

  • Superset: Straight Bar Pushdowns: 4 x 12,10,10,20 with Standing Cambered Bar Cable Curls: 4 x 12,10,10,20 
  • Superset: Lying DB Skull Crushers: 4 x 10,8,8,20 with Standing DB Curls

   (same time not single arm): 4 x 10,8,8,20 

  • Superset: Behind the Head Rope Extensions: 4 x 12,10,10,20 with Standing Rope Cable Curls: 4 x 12,10,10,20  

Cardio: 30 minutes incline treadmill or outdoor alternative   

“As Jesus Quintana said in one of my favorite comedies, ‘The Big Lebowski’, “What is this day of rest, bullshit?” Eat what you want today and as much as you can, sleep when you get a chance, get caught up on your side hustle, spend quality time with those you love, but get under the squat bar and get to work. Ten sets. You determine the reps and weights. This is more than just exercise. It is symbolic of your desire to do what others refuse to do—to go to lengths that few are willing to go. Just on principle.” -G  

Supps: 2 scoops of Grindin’ Grape VICE preworkout

  1 scoop Invincible Iced Tea RISE intraworkout

  • Squats: 10 sets x 20-1 reps

Cardio: None


This is a segment I’d like to call #WorkingClassWeights, featuring thoughts and ideas you aren’t likely to hear from other supplement companies. As many of you realize at this point, the mission of GCode Nutrition is to set on its ear most of what you’ve come to expect from the competition. To deliver tools to empower, as well as encouragement, education, inspiration and entertainment to our consumers who we regard as family. To do away with hype and spin. One way to do that is to save our consumers cash by delivering value in every product we sell. Or to give insight as to how to save dough in other areas.   

We are diligently working on our first GCode protein product, one that like everything else we do, will be very different from the rest. That said, we will make an argument for the best postworkout shake in the world—chocolate milk. For just about $0.75 per serving, lifters can enhance recovery after training, with one of the most delicious, readily available beverages in existence. 2 cups of a typical 1% Lowfat Chocolate Milk provides 300 calories, 16 grams of protein and 42 grams of carbohydrates plus vitamins and minerals. And the stats on Fairlife Chocolate Milk are even better. Replenish glycogen, rehydrate, and feed the muscle easily assimilated amino acids, with the dusty change at the bottom of your gym bag. Plus, you’ll actually look forward to it. There is freedom to be found in thumbing your nose at convention. And joy to be found in simplifying what is often over-complicated. On #TheProgram, chocolate milk is approved postworkout fuel.