#GROWVEMBER 4 Life by G Diesel

At GCode Nutrition, we use nostalgia as inspiration. Drawing upon the flavors, sights and sounds of our developmental years for source material. From hip hop to hoops, pro wrestling to the old school bodybuilding magazines, we’ve had endless incredible influences to help build our brand. When it comes to fueling the creative process, there is infinite motivation to be mined, if you know where to look. And so much of that beautiful energy is tied to emotion.

Our goal is to maintain the purity of our pursuits, and to tap into the emotional connections each of us have with this lifestyle. For so many of us, the most basic impetus that first got us to walk through the gym doors was the d

esire to grow big and strong. I’m no different. What first spoke to me most, was what I call the potential for “alchemy”. Taking a dark middle age pseudoscience and applying it to my physical being. Taking ordinary flesh and bone, hearty food and quality supplements, rusty iron and steel, and crafting something great with painstaking patience and love. Taking common elements and turning them into gold. All of it under my control. A solitary pursuit, limitless in its potential.

For the fourth consecutive November, the GCode brand embarks upon #GROWvember. A yearly celebration of lifting, eating and thinking BIG. Crock pots and deep squats. Pancakes, big steaks and FEAST shakes. Thousand pound leg presses and leftovers from Thanksgiving. Giving thanks for it all and taking ownership of the practice, without posturing or pretense. Keeping it real.

Growing up, I had a rule about cleaning my plate. Not only out of gratitude for the blessing of a warm meal, something many will go without tonight. But as a sign of pride. You either eat or you get eaten. You grow or you perish. And as I came to understand over time, that dish on my placemat and the mountains of unforgiving iron I’d struggle to climb every day, were the raw material I’d need to build the fortress of my dreams.

As a company, we will also use this eleventh month of the year as the eleventh hour in which to get the work done necessary to grow the brand we envision ourselves becoming. One bigger and stronger, that is also more agile and nimble. Proactive and reactive. Generous yet ambitious and aggressive. Executing on the highest level, firing on all cylinders and generating the momentum necessary to blast into the new year like a runaway freight train. If explosive growth is what you seek, you must commit, mind, body and soul. And we’re ALL IN.

As the saying goes, tis the season. For black hoodies and work boots, for stacking plates in both the dining room and the weight room. Rekindling the joy in this personal process, stoking the fire and letting it burn. Don’t worry so much about carving your Greek statue but instead, set your mind to building the massive block of granite from which you’ll one day soon chisel your masterpiece. It is, once again, the most wonderful time of year. In a year where so much seems beyond your control, the power is now in your hands. This is a growing phase, that we hope, lasts the rest of your life. #GROWvember is here. GET YOUR WEIGHT UP.