LIFE: Make It Count

Among the greatest misnomers is the marketing practice that divides the supplement industry into two distinct sectors—wellness and performance. Somehow segmenting consumers into groups that the Madison Avenue types are convinced only care about one outcome or the other.  Overlooking the obvious truth—that the best athletes in the world know that wellness and optimal performance are inextricably linked. And that a healthy human machine is one most likely dominate in its arena. And to endure to do it again tomorrow.

Greens products to date have too often been kind of lame. Hippie-style health food blends that taste like the undercarriage of a lawn mower. Fruits loaded with added sugar, juiced out of their endless antioxidant advantages. Collagen products relegated to the spa or longevity clinic. Healing spices only to be found in either a supermarket aisle or on a shaman’s blanket in a Middle Eastern bazaar. Multivitamins, often rocks 

of tableted synthetic vitamins more likely to create expensive poop than to deliver viable micronutrients into the bloodstream. Inferior solutions, overlooking, misusing and underrating some of nature’s most powerful substrates denying athletes of what they’ve needed the most, what they’ve wanted desperately, but didn’t know to ask for. Until now.

As always, we aim to reimagine the industry standards, to set convention on its ear and to create unique tools to empower the diverse hard-training members of the GCode family. When assessing and addressing the various gaps in our daily nutrition and supplementation protocol, there was a common void in so many of our lives, one that could only be filled by LIFE, GCode’s brand new Natural Power Greens supplement, one that is so much more than merely that. It is truly “Nature’s Nutrient Nectar”.

When we say “LIFE is Good!” we mean it. Every scoop is loaded to the top with micronutrients, antioxidants, phytonutrients, anti-inflammatories, healing spices and restorative nutrients designed to fortify your system from within, bolstering immunity, fighting free radicals and repairing the everyday damage of real life in the real world, most especially for those who train on the edge. With every serving of LIFE, your body is flooded with the following…

Organic Greens: Micronutrient-rich spinach, kale and wheat grass. Powerful natural sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that improve systemic health and promote longevity. We all need more greens in our daily diets. LIFE is the extra salad you wish you’d eaten.

Restorative Collagen: Five grams of tissue-repairing hydrolyzed collagen peptides. Critical to joint, tendon, ligament, skin, nails and hair health. A “fountain of youth” nutrient that is at the same time old school and forward-thinking.

Super Fruits: Free-radical fighting citrus bioflavonoids, blueberry, acai berry and acerola cherry. Plus the wonder adaptogen Maca Root capable of boosting mood, energy, libido and cognitive function. All the potent power of fruit without the sugar.

Powerhouse Antioxidants: LIFE is bolstered by a full serving of patented Spectra, a plant-based, scientifically validated formula of 29 fruits, vegetables, and herbs shown to inhibit free radical production and optimize cellular metabolic activity in the body. Imagine a multivitamin infused with only natural extracts.

Ancient Healing Spices: The “original supplements”, ancient ayurvedic spices have been effectively used in holistic medicine for millennia. 250 mg total of Cinnamon, Ginger Root, Green Tea, Turmeric and Cayenne combine to help with myriad body processes from blood sugar regulation to digestion, from fighting inflammation to metabolism and thermogenesis. So simple, yet supremely sophisticated.

No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Sweeteners: You don’t need them, they don’t benefit your health or performance, so they aren’t included in the LIFE formula. And to take it one step further, LIFE tastes incredible.

A product literally years in the works, is now here, at long last. Ready to be shared with the world. A product to be depended on, LIFE is here to live its public life. And to enhance yours every day. It is a greens product. And a super fruits product. And a collagen product. And an ancient ayurvedic spices product. And a natural multivitamin. And an antioxidant product. It is all of that… ALL IN ONE. From the hardest training athletes in the world, to your kids or your grandparents, everyone can benefit from a little LIFE in their life. Strengthening immunity and fostering robust health with every delicious scoop, LIFE is good, indeed. You only get one life, the most precious gift you’ll ever be given. Make it count. With LIFE. Only from GCode Nutrition.