Typically, when a supplement company launches, they’ll debut with an entire product line, fresh out of the box. A templated and generic assortment of standard, popular category offerings in safe flavors. One day no company, the next day, ten products. At GCode Nutrition, we took the long road. We launched our brand in March of 2017 with our ambitious preworkout VICE in the previously unforeseen “Tri-Pack” which shrink-wrapped three soda-inspired flavors together with 15 servings each, to give our consumers options. It was revolutionary, but also utilitarian. It was a full nine months later until we birthed our second product, our amino recovery elixir, RISE.

There have been many GCode Nation requests for future product development within the familiar parameters of our industry–from sleep support to greens, test boosters to protein. But each time we answered the call, we did so our way. On our terms. Creating formulas born of the necessity of our own lives, lining up with our values, determined to live up to the demands of the hardest training athletes in the world. Over our four plus years on the rise and grind, we’ve launched eight separate and distinct formulas, each with a spirit and intent all their own. But this one, would be different.

The fat burner is a product long built on a fallacy. The thought that a person could take a supplement in isolation and magically “get in shape”. Pop a pill and melt the fat away. This is a lie. A multi-billion dollar marketing gimmick with a decades-old pedigree that spans from magazines to midnight infomercials to TikTok. Our responsibility, of course, is to keep it real. The truth is–that no supplement, no matter how great, will take the place of hard training and healthy eating. A proper supplement program will enhance all of your hard work, that’s for sure. That’s our mission, to provide the tools. But those tools are only as effective as the commitment of the craftsman who wields them.

When we set out to create FIRE, we knew it had to be different. Not a gelcap full of caffeine, yohimbine and amphetamine analogues meant to get you wired. Our aim was something more comprehensive, more nuanced, more impactful and flexible. A “fat burner” you could depend on to turn on your metabolism, fire up your neurons, and promote thermogenesis around the clock. Beyond that, and exceptionally important for the disciples of VICE and VICE X, it had to be able to be used along with your preworkout. Channeling and enhancing your energy, not overwhelming or overstimulating you. Creating the ideal environment for awesome workouts and body recomposition.

The GCode FIRE formula is broken into two separate but distinct matrixes, each with their own explicitly stated purposes. The first is the Metabolic Ignition Complex. Built on a foundation of 1000mg of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, the safe and ultra-effective fatty acid oxidizing amino acid that helps utilize body fat as a primary fuel source. We always double down on natural compounds, so hearty dosages of green tea extract and cayenne are included not only for their extraordinary antioxidant free radical-fighting capacity but for their ability to mobilize fat cells to be burned and to raise body temperature. A tried and true, old school fat burner component that makes the cut for FIRE is Chromium Picolinate, largely for its ability to lower blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity—two key factors in shedding unwanted bodyfat. But that’s not all for this shredding complex, in fact, it is just the beginning. The raging inferno of the FIRE formula comes in the form of three potent, powerful, patented novel compounds.

TeaCrine A naturally occurring chemical native to Chinese kucha tea, TeaCrine is a non-stimulant alkaloid related to caffeine that delivers energy, endurance, mood, cognition and mental clarity. It does all of this with no jitters and no crash.

Dynamine A naturally occurring chemical found in coffee beans and tea leaves, Dynamine consists of methylliberine. This pure alkaloid amplifies feelings of energy, focus and enhanced cognition, activating neurotransmitters without elevating heart rate and blood pressure like typical stimulants.

Cocoabuterol A naturally occurring constituent of cacao, Cocoabuterol is a polyphenol-rich cocoa extract with myriad benefits from promoting muscle protein synthesis to enhancing adipose utilization as fuel, from increasing nitric oxide output to fighting stress and anxiety.

The Metabolic Ignition complex and its ability to spark lipolysis, using tried and true fat-burning compounds set ablaze by potent patented ingredients, is only the first half of the revolutionary GCode FIRE formula. As old world wisdom teaches, “where the mind goes, the body will follow”, hence the equal importance of the Razor Sharp Cognition Complex.

The mind and mentality portion of FIRE is primarily built around 500mg of L-Tyrosine and 300mg of Lion’s Mane. Tyrosine is a potent nootropic amino acid that helps the brain focus and perform better under stress. Lion’s Mane is a mushroom extract with countless benefits, not the least of which are improved memory and combatting depression and anxiety.

Phosphatidylserine, a phospholipid, is also added to enhance overall brain power, attention span and concentration. Extending this theme are the ancient, revered effects of Eastern botanicals Gingko Biloba and Panax Ginseng, who not unlike Lion’s Mane, have tremendous value for overall health, including powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory activity and circulatory enhancement. But Gingko and Ginseng comprise a noteworthy portion of FIRE’s four capsules because of their combined common ability to sharpen mental acuity and improve feelings of well-being.

At GCode, “fire” has long been a part of our daily lexicon. It is a ubiquitous word in our discourse, one used to describe anything particularly remarkable–often that which quite literally results from the spark of inspiration. Something that we all often feel, but rarely go the distance in manifesting from our imagination to make an idea real. A powerful metabolic and thermogenic, nootropic fat burner devoid of caffeine and traditional stimulants that you can stack with and use to enhance your preworkout? Yeah, that’s an inspired thought. Your best condition and performance, a powerhouse physique that hides beneath a stubborn layer of bodyfat? It is more than a mere dream. It is real in your mind’s eye. Bring it to life, step into the light. Feel the white hot heat of your internal flame and let it burn. With iron. With sweat. With FIRE. Only from GCode Nutrition.