The VICE Experience: Evolved

At the existential fork in the road which every great company will eventually arrive in its formative years, a decision must be made. Do you alter your course, reconsider your purpose and change your identity? Or do you double down on the vision that birthed your brand in the first place?

Two plus years ago, months before GCode Nutrition took form in any physical way, a vision came into clear focus. The goal was to create a company that combined all the best of what our lifestyle could offer, to provide style and substance to people in the form of “tools” we created—whether that be fresh apparel, inspiring written, video and art content, or powerful supplements. To empower people by documenting the daily grind that characterized our growth in the earliest days of our endeavor, so they could relate to our pursuit. And to do it all our way.

Our first product, was to be a literal representation of our unique perspective and clearly stated goals. VICE was our initial offering, one born out of real world necessity. For the most ambitious among us, a preworkout is not merely a supplement. It is a trusted ally on your journey. We do not live lives of luxury and leisure. When sleep is at a premium and you’re burning the candle at both ends, both living up to your real world, everyday responsibilities and chasing your aspirations, you need to turn yourself into a machine… One that works hard, trains hard and gets shit done.  VICE was created with such a hectic and ambitious existence in mind.

But entering into this endeavor by leaping into a hyper-saturated category, we had no choice but to follow our natural instincts and ensure that in every way VICE stood apart. Simplicity would be its sophistication. Only basic, simple, well-researched ingredients, working in synergy to deliver the best workouts possible, setting the tone to power you through your day. Robust doses of B vitamins, proven performance actives and focus ingredients, safe and ultra-effective caffeine sources and natural elements designed to enhance circulation, muscle cell volumization and blood flow to the working muscle. In a fully transparent formula, where you’d be well aware of what was in every single scoop of VICE swirling around your shaker cup. Believing that a preworkout should never be a one-size-fits-all proposition, we dosed VICE to be scaled according to the very individual factors of the user—stimulant tolerance, bodyweight, supplement experience, style of training, time of day, etc. On top of all that, in terms of considering the real wants and needs of athletes and supplement users just like us, we stepped out on a limb in stepping up our game. And offered an innovation considering one of the most fundamental of consumer desires… Variety.

Simple observation and personal experience taught that in a category with so much redundancy, often brand loyalty would be undermined by boredom. And hard-training lifters would stray from product to product, just for the sake of trying a new flavor. We termed this phenomenon “flavor fatigue” and set out to combat it right from the jump. In doing so, we decided to deliver 45 servings of VICE equally distributed between three soft-drink inspired flavors. Three containers, each with a different, unique flavor—Grindin’ Grape, Legend Lime and Cherry Swola. Shrink-wrapped together as a single unit. And the VICE Tri-Pack was born. No two workouts are the same, and now your preworkout could be different from day to day. Literally and figuratively, we were going the distance to put so much into the hands of our supporters. 

For many young companies, this first product, industry first would be enough of a statement. But for us, it was only a beginning–making the most of what we had to work with and making it work. We wanted more. And after more than a year of debate and design, dedication and determination, waiting in the wings until the time was right, we doubled down. On it all. Concept. Innovation. Philosophy. Culture. By quite literally “launching” the VICE TriChamber. A rugged, visionary, patent-pending three-compartment container designed to deliver all of the value and variety of the original VICE Tri-Pack but in a single, glorious white and orange embossed-capped preworkout receptacle… One special enough to keep as a keepsake. To repurpose and reuse, living a life long after the last scoop of VICE has been scooped. Three different power-packed flavors of VICE loaded into one revolutionary, first-of–its-kind container. History and hope and hard work you can hold in your hands. And this bold evolution is only part of the overwhelming excitement buzzing around GCode Nation.

Not only did we double down on innovation in launching the TriChamber, distancing us from the giants in the game. But we also set our sights on delivering the best-tasting pre-training formulas in all of sports nutrition. And again, holding ourselves to a higher standard paid dividends. In two separate and distinct VICE TriChambers exist six total flavors, each more amazing and mouth-watering than the last. The OG Three: Grindin’ Grape, Legend Lime and Cherry Swola. Reloaded. And so much better than ever before. The New Three: Bangin’ Black Cherry, Pina Colada Crush and Lemon Italian Vice. All six juiced up with an extra 25 mg of caffeine per scoop. So obscenely good, you will have to talk yourself out of partaking just for fun. A preworkout so delicious you will not only look forward to it before you train, you will fiend to drink VICE around the clock. The best-tasting preworkout in the game. Guaranteed.

If we’ve proven one thing to our consumer audience in the past year and a half, it is that we are willing to make whatever effort is necessary to feed this dream. We get our hands dirty. We struggle. We strive. We strain under the often crushing weight of our ambitions. And we grow stronger. We pride ourselves in trying harder. Which is why the brand new VICE TriChamber exists in the first place. As proof of concept that exceptional effort breeds uncommon results. That when vision and relentless will collide, real people in the real world can truly do extraordinary things.

When the odds are stacked against you, you put your head down, your hood up, and try harder. When your dream hangs in the balance, get VICE in your veins and TRI Harder.