“You’re only as good as you can recover.”

The hardest and most intense training means little, if you cannot do the around-the-clock detail work required to recuperate (both muscularly and systemically) and bounce back to do it again. In this game, constant progress is the bottom line. And if you ain’t growing, you’re dying.

The core fundamentals of this regenerative muscle-building process have remained the same, with constant refinement, for more than a century in our sporting lifestyle. Eat better. Sleep more. And take your “vitamins”. From brewer’s yeast and handfuls of liver tablets and crude early protein shakes, to weight gainers and branched-chain amino acid capsules and eventually whey… “Recovery” in the ever-evolving supplement game has come a long way.

At GCode, this elusive state of being—one that allows for perpetual progress in the gym or field of play is less of a topic of general interest, and more of an obsession. When you read the words, “in pursuit of lifelong domination” on a shirt or shaker cup, know that we really mean it.

We’re the guys who brought you the first recovery elixir in RISE. The ones with the purest, tastiest, easiest-digesting whey isolate in FUEL, same company with the natural micronutrient and antioxidant powerhouse LIFE, the dudes who fixated over targeted wellness formulas like KING, QUEEN, DREAM and EDGE. To us, recovery trumps all other training concerns, because the people behind GCode want to perform at our best, every day, for life. And to help you do the same. That’s our mission.

This purpose, our track record of more than five years, and an inordinate preoccupation with recovery, brought us to our latest product. How could we optimize the mythologized “anabolic window” and kickstart muscle growth and repair after the most brutal workouts? How could we provide a method to recharge athletes of all disciplines when they push themselves to the brink. It would take experience. Common sense. Ingenuity. Desire. Attention to detail. The result? GCode Nutrition JUICE.

Each scoop of JUICE, typically taken either immediately postworkout or during intense exercise is loaded with key nutrients specifically intended to replenish battered muscle tissue and begin the critical regenerative process that brick by brick, workout by workout, builds bigger, faster, stronger athletes. To do so, we combined the most effective, proven ergogenic aids into a single, unique, mouth-watering formula. The GCode JUICE formula contains…

  • Creatine Monohydrate The most researched commodity performance ingredient ever developed, creatine monohydrate increases adenosine triphosphate (ATP) creation at the cellular level which translates to greater strength and more muscle contractions which over time, put quite simply, leads to bigger and stronger muscles with greater work capacity. It is a no-brainer that replacing muscle creatine levels after training leads to gains over time. Bottom line: if you’re a serious athlete of any kind, you should be using creatine.
  • Essential Amino Acids If you recall your elementary school science classes, you should remember amino acids as the “building blocks” of muscle tissue. The essential aminos (EAA) are the nine amino acids that the body cannot create on its own and must come from food. Supplementing with EAA immediately after training, when muscle tissue is in a heightened state of disrepair, provides your muscles with the bricks needed to build a bigger shit house. Also, remember that the prized and highly touted BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) are, in fact, the three most prominent EAA, and present in hearty doses in every scoop of JUICE.
  • Carb10 Quickly shuttling the creatine and EAA to damaged muscle at the most critical juncture is 15 grams of patented Carb10 carbohydrates in every scoop of GCode JUICE. Unlike many cheap carb formulas of the past, Carb10 is a patented source of pea starch, both low-glycemic and low-osmolity, which means no extreme spikes in blood sugar (and the resulting “crash”) and no bloating. Hard training depletes muscle stores of glycogen, the key source of energy for all muscle-related biological processes. Carb10 also helps to efficiently reload the muscles with glycogen after smashing the iron.
  • Electrolytes The mainstream popularity of standard sports drinks underscores the value of electrolytes for hard-working athletes. Sweating and contracting muscle robs the body of calcium, sodium and potassium. And JUICE puts them right back. Never settling, however, GCode chooses the best possible electrolytes from natural sources like pink Himalayan sea salt and Coconut Water powder. Which leads to the final important component of GCode JUICE.
  • Antioxidants Every GCode formula features prominently natural general wellness ingredients. JUICE is no different, with 500mg of blueberry powder—a potent source of antioxidants, provided at a critical time, when the body is coping with the release of free-radical waste and muscle breakdown toxins. The fruit extracts (coconut water powder and blueberry powder) are literally the extra juice behind JUICE. Last but not least, JUICE contains the potent antioxidant Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) which also is a powerhouse micronutrient in the business of carbohydrate metabolism–helping to expedite carb uptake in the muscle while also lowering blood sugar.

Every aspect of the GCode Nutrition JUICE formula, from the creatine, EAA and Carb10 to the botanical-sourced electrolytes and antioxidants, has an express intent. That greater, unified purpose, is to ensure that the most dedicated and determined athletes’ training efforts are not in vain… That the greatest rewards are reaped for the hard work done and the daily dues paid.

There comes a time in every real competitor’s life when a level-up is required… When an ascent to a higher plane of performance is desperately desired. Where the next athlete’s “good enough” simply isn’t good enough for you anymore, it is time to “get on the JUICE.” If that sentiment sounds familiar and these words ring true, take comfort in knowing that we crafted this product specifically for you. Because we are you, and our quest is the same—lifelong domination. The last word in intra- and postworkout recovery for the hardest trainers in the world is JUICE. Only from GCode Nutrition.